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Comment to be added, please!

hey libby. my names gia. im from wijb. i added you. add me back? <33

Have you ever been FAKED on lj ?!? Have you ever had your pictures STOLEN and used someplace else where someone was claiming to be YOU ?!? Do you know of any FAKERS on lj and want to report them ?!? Then come join us @ fakemenowbitch !!!

This is a brand new community for you to post salutes to prove you are who you say you are, and to put an end to the FAKERS of the lj world !!! Come check us out and see what we're about. If you've ever posted pictures on your lj, then you are @ risk. Thank you !!!

We're here to HELP. If you don't want to join, don't be rude about it, simply ignore this post. If you leave us a rude reply back, we'll assume YOU'RE a faker for being so offended by this comment. We just want to put an end to the low life picture stealing idenity robbing low life bitches of lj.

Also, come check out envy_us if you're interested in rating communities!! thanks!!

i dont have a LJ. but i was looking through my friends n i saw ur name Couture. is ur last name couturE?

sure, i added you. add me back?

hey - based on your userinfo it seems like we have alot in common. i added you. add me please?

will you add me? found you off the Paris Hilton community. I love her and I love MK + Ashley!!!

hey im new to lj, and i stumbled upon ur journal, i like the mary-kate, ashley thing, add me?

Join hot_preps community if your preppy!

im vinny from seem awesome. add me?

hey i found ur journal through random ..if u think we would get along go to my journal and add me and ill add u!

hey its kelly from wijb.. add me? i'll add you back.

hey kelly! yep i added ya

hi. you are like my twin. add me?

i added you =) add me back?


I saw your picture in a community and think you should join.

Hi, I saw we are in a lot of the same communities and I just saw a post you made in Ilovemysolider. My boyfriend is in the Navy too, mind if I add you to my friends list?

sure! i just added you. it'll be good to have someone on my friends list with a boyfriend in the navy, also!


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