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Comment to be added, please!

hey i found ur journal through random ..if u think we would get along go to my journal and add me and ill add u!

hey its kelly from wijb.. add me? i'll add you back.

hey kelly! yep i added ya

hi. you are like my twin. add me?

i added you =) add me back?


I saw your picture in a community and think you should join.

Hi, I saw we are in a lot of the same communities and I just saw a post you made in Ilovemysolider. My boyfriend is in the Navy too, mind if I add you to my friends list?

sure! i just added you. it'll be good to have someone on my friends list with a boyfriend in the navy, also!

hey! you seem great, i'm adding you..add me back?
I saw you through sarah's journal btw <33

bet you though this was ANOTHER community promo huh? you can never get enough of those haha


sure! i'll add you back!

hahah yeah i always get these, i hate it! im glad its not!

hey i found you through dailyfab..add me? ill do the same!

i love your bangs. be my friend?

thank you! sure, added =)

i added you, add me back?


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