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Hi, I found your journal on "ilovemysoldier" and was just wondering how you made your journal "Friend's Only." I know some people have added me and honestly I don't want them reading my entries. So if you could tell me how you did that, I'd appreicate it. Is it a "paid member" thing? Sorry, I'm not familiar with how Live Journal does it's things. Thanks for your time!

hey this is nicole (prettyinpink972)
add me back on this username? <3

Hii, we think you're gorgeous! Come check us out, _fashi0nistas

Add me?....Ill add you!! <3 Erica

hey ho its your lover, hollister.

add this shit up, bia. or the SNAKE will come! lol

i added u to my LJ hope u dont mind

hey lady lets add each other :)

what a neato banner. w00p.

Hello! Am I able to add you??

of course! i just added you, so add me back?

hi, we really need to be friends. haha add me !!

sure, i'll add you. add me back?

added you cause you are lovely~!

hey i'm morgan, i saw you in the sidekick community
add me back?

hey! i saw you in dailyfab, mind if i add you? xo


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