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The rain is coming down soooo hard right now, I hate when it rains because it is a bitch to get my dogs to go out. I am so stressed out, I pulled my neck out doing a full head of highlights weaved today...ohhh man. Who is watching that "Moment of Truth" show tonight? I am kinda excited for it....usually reality tv shows don't excite me too much. Oh! I am getting a massage tomorrow at this great spa downtown. I need poor neck. I had a gift card anyway. I bought some new MAC stuff online that they don't have at my counter. I miss all the free goodies I used to get.
This is the first year I am actually excited about V-Day!!! Nate said he was gonna do something nice for me.
And there has been so much salon drama lately...ugh! My boss, Valerie is crazy! She always talks about her sex life in front of everyone, and it's kinda not so great to do that in front of her clients. I hate my salon and I need to find a new one.
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I watched it too and I thought it was lame. A lot of the questions are subjective. Like one day they could think they were the hottest out of all their friends and the next day not. Idk, it was weird.

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