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(no subject)
I think it is time for me to finally buy a new laptop. Mine is a 2006 powerbook and it's finally starting to act all weird, I had to replace the battery last month for the first time so I guess that's good, but it's just doesn't run all the programs correctly anymore and all that. I guess it's more a want then a need, and throwing down a thousand or so on new laptop doens't sound that great but still.
OH, finally cut all my hair off. It's so cute, I don't know why I was attatched to my long hair-it's a little above my shoulders, a lot shorter in the back, a-line bob. I colored it darker and put a panel of blonde in the back to peep out and it looks really good.


One of the girls at work did it and I love it a lot. It's so much easier, I just blow dry it really fast and flat iron it and I'm out. A couple new girls have started at work and they're super sweet and closer in age to me, so it's nice to have girls to hang out with at work and outside of work now.
Manny and I are having some rough times right now, I'm torn as to what to do. Since he has moved away he has been out at bars drinking about 5 nights a week, and then I finally confronted him (well, as much as you can confront someone over the phone) night before last when he was at a strip club ( not even a big deal, I was just pissed at him being drunk so often) and he blew up on me, and I basically told him not to call me, I'll call him. So he texted me yesterday saying how much he loved me, blah blah and how we was sorry and making excuses and I didn't write him back, so about an hour later he sends me "well, if you don't talk to me now I'm never taking you back" Oh, I was so pissed but I still ignored it. So, I don't know what to do. This is so out of character for him, he never drank when he was here, he was always DD for me and his friends, and he always was so sweet to me, we never fought once before he left. I don't know, he just always asks me when I'm going to move up there with him and I don't have an answer so I think that annoys him even more. Ahh, oh well. I guess I'll call him today and see what he has to say.

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if my 2004 powerbook g4 is still running fine, your 2006 should be fine too. stop it. or send it to me when you get a new one. whore. haha

the new hair is fiercez.

thanks boo ;) I'm glad you like the hair, it was pretty scary to cut off like 10 inches!
and my laptop is just being a bitch lately =(

love the hair- i agree with the above comment. its fierce :)

as for manny-its a tricky situation. LDRs are rough people always end up acting slightly different for many different reasons. is he stressed out over something?

aww, thanks hun. yeah, we are in a really tough spot right now but i hope us seeing each other this weekend will help

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