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Manny is coming down tomorrow, I'm so happy, I missed him so much. He had already bought his ticket a few days ago, and then last night he got a service call for a hospital in San Diego, soooo he ended up getting a free flight down to see me since his work paid for the ticket, and he's just gonna give me the credit for the old one when I come see him. We have been talking a lot about where we want our relationship to go, and both of us have brought up the subject of marriage, and it's really exciting to just talk/think about. I really love him, and it's such a different kind of love then I had with Nate, it just feels like he loves me no matter what, I don't have to put an act on or try to impress him like Nate. I have been working quite a bit, and seriously, work has slowed down so much. The whole economy thing has really taken it's toll on the beauty industry-that's why I think it's good and that I'm happy I'm taking a few classes at school this semster. I was really upset about the pressure my parents where placing on me about school, but I realize how much this has effected so many businesses around me that it can't hurt to have something else to fall back on. I got my nails done yesterday-I haven't had arcylics in a long time and it's sooo hard to type and text.
Soo, what I was trying to get at is that Manny and I decided that we both want me to move up there after the semester is over. WOOO. I love San Fran-it's so awesome there. I'm really excited and feel like the time is right.....


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